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Digicommz helps initiatives and businesses reach and then exceed their goals. Our experience enables us co-create, construct and deploy dissemination, communication, engagement and exploitation strategies that perfectly meet your requirements and achieve your objectives. This proactive approach is essential for the successful transition from strategy, to plan, to action. Learn about some of our partners and projects below, then get in touch to see what we can do for you.

Europe for Business (EfB)

Digicommz works closely with Europe for Business in the communication and dissemination activities of EU-funded projects, creating and exploiting opportunities for engagement and increasing the impact of research activities. Our most recent success involved the design and deployment of a branded virtual exhibition stand at the European Green Week and 'Science is Wonderful' events, delivering a Science Café to engage a plethora of visitors. Our collaboration is highly rewarding and successful for all those involved in responsible and sustainable research and development.

Collaborations with EfB include the successful proposal and implementation of the NMP-DeLA project, connecting nanoscientists and researchers across Europe and Latin America in areas of water, energy and health. Digicommz producedg the branding and logo for the project and supporting communications, training workshops in Argentina, and dissemination to boost the reach and impact of this unique initiative.

Environmental Assessments (ENAS)

For over 10 years now, Digicommz has supported ENAS in Project Management as well as in Communication, Dissemination and Exploitation Work Packages for EU-funded research and development projects within the FP7 and Horizon 2020 programmes. These ground-breaking initiatives have required the implementation of effective internal and external communication strategies; the design, publication and dissemination of promotional materials; and management of Key Exploitable Results and IPR support, which Digicommz has been proud to provide. ENAS' successful initiatives supported by Digicommz include NanoSustain, NanoValid, NanoDefine, NANORIGO, BIORIMA and the PlasticsFatE projects.


Digicommz supports Optimat in its communication and dissemination actions for European projects including NANORIGO and its newest innovation: PlasticsFatE. Tasked with stakeholder engagement and promoting project output, Digicommz draws on its communication and dissemination expertise as well as creating educational materials for the general public at major global events, such as European Researchers' Night. Digicommz is currently leading dissemination and communications for the large-scale PlasticsFatE project, coordinated by OPTIMAT and supporting project management, as well as leading the working group for dissemination and communications and managing the social media for the newly-launched CUSP cluster.

The European NanoSafety Cluster

Since 2011, Digicommz has underpinned the communication and dissemination strategy of the European Nanosafety Cluster: producing content for its quarterly newsletter and disseminating it to a large cohort of stakeholders. We continue to work on website and social media content, and run its YouTube channel. Digicommz also manages membership and content for the NSC's ever-increasing LinkedIn group enabling NSC members to stay up-to-date with all developments.

Sustainable Innovation Technology Services (SiTeS)

Working closely with SiTeS on its rebranding, Digicommz carried out a needs analysis and delivered a redesigned logo and branding to reflect SiTeS' focus on sustainable innovation in order to increase its impact. SiTeS' new branding has been deployed across all its dissemination and communication materials, as well as its website and social media platforms. Digicommz collaborates with SiTeS in its communication and dissemination actions, providing copy for press releases and media content across various research and technology development projects in Europe and North Africa.

Rete Europea Dell’Innovazione (REDINN)

Digicommz has had a successful collaboration working with REDINN on a number of research and development projects, including the recently completed ENTRUST initiative, which focussed on energy citizenship. For this project, Digicommz produced web content and press releases as well as dissemination and communication materials. In its latest initiative, Digicommz is leading the workpackage for Communication and Dissemination for the recently launched OXIPRO project, which is developing oxidoreductases for environmentally-friendly, greener and more sustainable products, including detergents, textiles, cosmetics and nutraceuticals. We continue to work on deliverables and policy documents for numerous projects.

African Network for Solar Energy (ANSOLE)

Digicommz was approached by ANSOLE's founder to create the logo and branding, and to work in an advisory capacity to help form a network that would foster research activities in the field of solar energy among African scientists working within Africa and those in the diaspora. Digicommz enabled ANSOLE to build bridges with complementary institutes across Africa for research project proposals and capacity building. 

The logo depicts a map of Africa in red, gold and green. A bright sun is located in the Sahara region and is used as the 'O' of ANSOLE. 

Some of our projects

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