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PlasticsFatE - what are the human health impacts of micro-/nanoplastics?

The PlasticsFatE project held a successful and dynamic kick-off event over two days from 28th - 29th April. Rudolf Reuther - PlasticsFatE's Scientific Coordinator, warmly welcomed the project's Advisory Board and Ethics Advisor to the proceedings, in which more than 70 partners from 28 organisations participated. Discussions revolved around materials selection for developing methods for sample preparation and pc characterisation; materials that will enable PlasticsFatE to detect/quantify MNP in complex matrices; materials to assess effects in the human body; and finally materials that can serve as reference materials. Partners also discussed the implementation of analytical, lab and field work, and continued cooperation with CUSP - the EU MNP Cluster.

Digicommz has designed and implemented the website and branding for the project and will work with PlasticsFatE over the next four years, disseminating output and results of the research excellence produced by the project partners.

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